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Song entitled Breathe.


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The Collection

        A Collection of songs that showcase the first 10 years of this ministry. It features 15 songs that I wrote awhile back (if I told you when…you could probably guess my age 🙂 Anyhow I always put an * symbol beside of the ones I wrote. I pray every song blesses you and ministers to all your spiritual needs…in Jesus name!

The Singing Evangelist

“The Collection”

  1. Lowest Valley
  2. Keys to the Kingdom *
  3. In The Twinkling of an Eye! *
  4. Behold the Bride *
  5. The fire has never Gone Out!
  6. Welcome Home *
  7. Following Jesus Day By Day *
  8.  A Very Present Help *
  9.  If I could Just Touch the Hem of Hos Garment
  10. The Best is Yet to Come
  11.  I’ve got Something to Shout About!
  12. My Name is Written There *
  13. You will Never Be Alone *
  14. He is my Reason for Living *
  15. Peace Be Still *
  16. Do You Remember? *
  17. He Accepted Me *
  18. He’s Guiding Me Over *
  19. Just One Touch *
  20. The Crossroads *                                            ( links to more samples will be forthcoming…the good a Willing.)


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